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MidloH2O is a water and ice service provider serving Ellis County, Texas and surrounding areas with the highest quality of purified and alkaline water and ice. We operate our business based on the idea that “Water is life,” and we take pride in our processes of ensuring clean, pure drinking water and ice for every occasion.

All of our purified water is processed through a five-stage filtration system and UV sterilized before making its way to our customers. We also produce our own alkaline water by adding a number of beneficial minerals to increase its hydrogen content and pH level.

If you’re looking for quality water in its other favorite form, we can help there, too. We create 12-pound block ice from our purified water, which makes the ideal medium for shaved ice, small ice sculptures, or even to cool a pool on a hot summer’s day.

Looking for something smaller? We’re the number one source for pellet ice. Or, as folks call it in Texas, the “good” ice. These small ice nuggets are a favorite for bars and cocktail parties, restaurants, or any event where you want to make a splash.

We also deliver bulk ice to events and venues with a minimum quantity of 250 lbs, recurring water delivery service to businesses, merchandising support, and water dispensers for businesses. Contact our team for pricing and availability.

Meet the Owner of MidloH2O

Hi, I’m Amanda McCarty, owner of MidloH2O in Ellis County, Texas. I have been in the water purifying and ice business for 15 years, helping to put clean water and ice within reach of Ellis County businesses, venues, event coordinators, and the general public.

My fellow water drinkers will agree that water does indeed have a taste, but not all water tastes the same. It depends on how and where the water is sourced. The water that comes from your kitchen tap isn’t going to taste the same as the water in Lake Waxahachie!

Depending on where your water comes from, the water contains different minerals that have dissolved and give the water a distinctive “flavor.” These minerals are naturally occurring in water sources and may include phosphorus, calcium, sodium, and many others.

One thing we do at MidloH2O is purify the water using a complex and thorough filtration system. The result is clean, pure drinking water with a smooth taste that will satisfy even the most discerning water connoisseur.

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